Roll into “Ahhh.”

For runners, athletes and pretty much anyone with stiff spots (yes, you), our massage rollers target tight muscles through something called myofascial release, a soft tissue therapy that relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex.

Discover Which Foam Roller is Right for You.


Get back in the game.

When your back bothers you, you want to fix it fast. We offer a whole host of hooks, balls, stretchers and other bumpy, roll-y things to bring swift and sweet relief where you need it most.


Hand over your pain.

Everyday foot and hand stress—from walking, carrying heavy things or even just using a cell phone—deserves everyday relief. We’ve got just what you need to ease joint pain, enhance blood flow and even increase strength.


Massage your own way.

We all know that getting a massage is the ultimate in self-care. So we make the tools to make it easier for you to massage your muscles at home, in the gym or on the studio floor.


Relax, refresh, rejuvenate, replenish.

No matter your workout, keep one word in mind: restore. With so many ways to exercise, you have to take care of your muscles. Let us help you give them the recovery they need.


Even after your workout’s done, the work isn’t over yet. Whether you’ve just crossed the finish line of your first 10k race or you’re carrying your Jello-y legs out of the latest spin class, now’s the time to be smart about muscle recovery. Research shows that athletes recover faster and adapt more quickly to workouts when they follow a post-workout restorative routine, along with good nutrition and enough zzz’s. (And don’t even think of denying that you’re an athlete. We’ve seen your gun show.)

For muscle recovery sessions, we’ve all heard about and experienced the benefits of a hot bath, a gentle stretch, or a soothing body balm to ease hard-working muscles. (We also hear that a plate of nachos has magical restorative powers; unfortunately, we’re not in the business of nachos.) But what about those times when your muscles cry out for something more? With our exclusive collection of workout recovery tools, we’ve got you—and your muscles—covered.

Our Restorative Collection brings together rollers, massagers, pinpoint hooks, and other bumpy, nubbly things to help your body recover and rebuild safely. Our foam rollers have long been one of our best-selling items. Known in technical terms as self-myofascial release, rolling sore muscles over a foam roller eases stiffness by breaking up the unreleased fibers found in muscle knots and increasing blood flow to those areas. For your hands and feet, we’ve created a handy (and colorful!) line of ergonomic tools that bring relief to our hard-working extremities, like the Ultimate Foot Massager and the Hand Therapy Kit. Because your spine is your lifeline, our back massage tools—like the Ultimate Back Reliever and Pinpoint Back Massager—help you stretch your spine and find focused relief for trigger points.

In addition to our handy tools, we offer Balance Balls for sitting, stretching, or as a prop in your restorative yoga practice. There are a million ways to work out, and only a few ways to take care of those hard-working muscles. Be sure you give them the love and recovery they deserve.